Investment Funds

Our capital markets affiliate, Pacific Venture Investments LLC, is an absolute return investor focused on tax-efficient value creation over extended-time horizons, avoiding the short-term orientation that can lead to increased risk and diminished returns. Our portfolio includes diversified positions in tangible and intangible property, alternative investments and marketable securities. We have no sector or developmental stage bias and consider opportunities across a broad spectrum of industries and geographic regions. Our emphasis on long-term results allows us to consider contrarian opportunities, out-of-favor sectors and inefficiently valued private transactions.

We have a special interest in new ventures and emerging technologies. For example, we were an early investor in European broadband service provider QSC Communications AG and co-location data center aggregator Interxion. Other early stage investments have included online consumer electronics retailer (acquired by CompUSA), Internet appliance developer InfoGear (acquired by Cisco Systems), POS software provider Red Dot (acquired by Yucaipa), incentive rewards facilitator Parago (acquired by Black Hawk Networks), financial services intermediary NetSpend (acquired by Oak Investment Partners), spectrum innovator Media Technology Ventures, supply chain manager (an affiliate of Dean Foods), wireless telecom provider US Wavelink and e-commerce pioneer

While we are currently closed to new investors, you may contact us for more information.